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Different Types of Chinese Hats

Chinese hats are generally known as coolie hats although they have other names depending on its origin. They can be referred to as sedge hat, paddy hat or rice hat. In Korea, Japan and Indonesia, this type of hat, is known as Satgat, sugegasa and caping respectively. It has a distinctively conical shape that is common in East Asian countries. This conical shaped hat can be used as an accessory to add style to a red indian fancy dress that someone could have especially if someone wants to combine a western and eastern look together.

So What Makes These Chinese Hats So Unique?

Its Shape

The shape of the Chinese hats is so distinct and is a depiction of the Eastern Asian countries such that anyone can easily identify with. Only countries in eastern Asia such as the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia and Cambodia have traditionally used this type of hat for years. The hat is shaped in such a manner that it can provide protection from both the sun and rain. The cone shaped hats is currently gaining fame by spectators in many sporting events around the world.

Its Material

Chinese hats are commonly made from straws or bamboo. These are natural materials that can easily be found and in large supply. Bamboo and straw makes these hats great for all weather. It is important to note that these types of hats are particularly hand woven making it even more unique compared to other types of hats which are manufactured from cloth or leather. Because Chinese hats are woven, they allow the head to breathe when it is too hot. For rainy seasons, one can find a hat that has an inner lining that covers the head from rain. The hat is held firmly on the head using a thin strap, usually made from silk. The fact that these materials are naturally available and do not require processing to produce the hats makes it Eco-friendly.

Its Design

These unique conical shaped Chinese hats are available in different colors sizes and design. This makes it possible for an individual to accessorize his wardrobe with a number of hats for different occasions. Kids can also find Chinese hats that fit their small heads perfectly. Currently, more modern and stylish designs can be found in many Chinese stores all over the world.

It Is Possible To Customize

These Chinese hats made from straws or wood can be personalized or customized to fit the needs of a customer. They can also carry any kinds of imprints and drawings on it. This feature makes these hats the best for brand promotions especially, if given out for free.

Other Types of Chinese Hats

Aside from the coolie, there are other types of Chinese hats that are very popular among the Chinese people. One of them is the traditional Chinese silk cap. This cap can also been referred to as the Mandarin hat and is mainly made from silk. Other types of Chinese hats are majorly traditional and are only worn during special ceremonies and festivals.